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1-General Game Information and Features
1.1 Single Player
1.2 Multiplayer
1.3 Paths of Darkness/Halls of the Dead
1.4 Chat
1.5 Shop
1.6 Bar
1.7 Mansion
2-Character Creation and Information
2.1 Vampire Types
2.2 Leveling Up
2.3 Stats
2.4 Skills
2.5 Items
3-Single Player Walkthrough

3.1 General hints/tips

3.2 First City (Denumald)

3.3 Second City (Volanto)

3.4 Third City (Cryptal)

4-Halls of the Dead (HOTD)
4.1 When and Why to Enter HOTD?
4.2 Progression and Saving
4.3 Enemies (courtesy of Aussieguyx)
4.4 Suggested Tactics for Beginners
4.5 Rewards
5.1 Basics
5.2 Etiquette
5.3 Rewards
6-Gold Grinding Guide
6.1 Prerequisites
6.2 Active Grinding
6.3 Passive Grinding


1 General Game Information and Features

1.1 Single Player
Single player is where you will begin your journey in Vampires Fall. The character you create when beginning the single player game will remain with you throughout all other aspects of the game (Halls of the Dead and Multiplayer). I recommend completing all single player quests prior to starting other game areas. (This game mode is selected from the main menu)
1.2 Multiplayer
Multiplayer allows for player vs player duels. Duels are available at all times, but most players are on during multiplayer gatherings. These gatherings occur three times daily and provide a great way to share your game progress with the community. (This game mode is selected from the main menu)
1.3 Paths of Darkness/Halls of the Dead
The halls of the dead (HOTD) provides an opportunity for experienced players to combat more advanced level enemies, and grants the most powerful items currently in game as rewards. As you descend deeper into the halls, enemies continuously grow in difficulty. However, your rewards also increase. (This game mode is entered by selecting “Paths of Darkness” from the main menu)
1.4 Chat
Real time chat is one of the best features in this game. I suggest utilizing this feature and involving yourself with the Vampires Fall community early on. I have always found the people on chat helpful, friendly, and courteous. Chat is a great resource. Please help keep it that way. Remember that profanity, sexually explicit language/content, harrassment, spam, or verbal abuse can result in being banned. When in doubt: keep your chat language and content at a PG-13 rating. (Chat is available on all in game screens. Either select “Community” on the main menu, or open the in game “menu” at the bottom right of the in game screen and select “Chat”.
1.5 Shop
Shops allow players to buy and sell equipment items. Additionally, players can purchase gold for a very reasonable monetary cost or a “like” on facebook to assist in character advancement. Since we receive this game from the Devs free of charge, I encourage everyone to make at least an occasional gold purchase. (Shops are available in all single player cities. As well as the HOTD screen)
1.6 Bar
Bars allow players to buy temporary shots of special blood which grant an assortment of temporary bonuses. Again, players can purchase gold for a very reasonable monetary cost or a “like” on facebook to assist in character advancement. Since we receive this game from the Devs free of charge, I encourage everyone to make at least an occasional gold purchase. (Bars are available in all single player cities. As well as the HOTD screen)
1.7 Mansion
The mansion is located in the 1st city and becomes accessible through early single player questing. Players can buy additional stat points here for a static rate of 4k gold each. Players can also reset their stat points to reallocate them for a fee of 10k gold. Additionally, by selecting the chest players can collect gold that is generated hourly by their mansion. This amount is upgradeable via gold as well.


2 Character Creation and Information

2.1 Vampire Types
When first creating your character you will choose between being a Blood Vampire or Death Vampire. Each type receives the same stats and has access to the same equipment/basic skills. However, each type receives different might attacks (Might attacks are skills randomly useable in combat. See the section on skills below for additional details). I prefer the Blood Vampire type personally, but you can evaluate the skills and choose for yourself.

(UPDATE: Devs are currently looking into death vampire’s soul harvest. It will likely be changed to a new skill that balances more evenly with blood vampire’s feast)

Death Vampire Might Attacks:
Xp Charge: Increases xp gained
Daemonicus: damage ability (comparable to Blood Vampire’s Bloodburn)
Soul Harvest: Restores focus points
Devil’s Advocate: Stat increase (comparable to Blood Vampire’s Drag to Hell)

Blood Vampire Might Attacks:
Gold charge: Increases gold gained
Bloodburn: damage ability (comparable to Death Vampire’s Daemonicus)
Feast: Restores health
Drag to Hell: Stat increase (comparable to Death Vampire’s Devil’s Advocate)
2.2 Leveling Up
Each time you level up your character you will receive 5 additional starting/max focus, 3 stat points, and 1 skill point. These points are used to upgrade your stats and skills, or you can select continue from the level up screen and save them to spend later. Also, once you reach the third city in single player, there is a man inside the bar area that will convert 1 skill point to 3 stat points if desired.
2.3 Stats
Character stats affect your performance in combat. These stats can be viewed on the character screen found in the in game menu (bottom right of screen). Armor and base damage are only upgradeable through items. Your armor reduces all incoming damage by a percentage (noted on character page). Your weapons damage is the most important stat for attacking. It is multiplied by your damage bonus from aggression/cunning and the multiplier listed on the attack used.

The other 5 stats are upgradeable through items and/or stat points.

Upgradeable Stats and Caps:
Aggression (increases damage done by instinct attacks)- 430 (200%)
Cunning (increases damage done by influence attacks) – 430 (200%)
Reaction (increases your chance to dodge attacks)- 310 (50%)
Focus (increases your focus point regeneration per turn)- 310 (60 FP per turn)
Life force (increases hit points)- no cap
2.4 Skills

Strike (available at level 1): Deals X% weapons damage. No FP cost.

0:100%   1:105%   2:110%   3:115%   4:120%   5:125%   6:130%   7:135%

Devils Pact (available at level 2): Increase Aggression and Cunning by X%.

0:50%/15FP   1:60%/20FP   2:70%/25FP   3:80%/30FP   4:90%/35FP  

5:100%/40FP   6:110%/45FP   7:120%/50FP

Intercept (available at level 3): Deals X% weapons damage, but 20% chance to miss.

0: 150%/25FP   1:160%/30FP   2:170%/35FP   3:180%/40FP   4:190%/45FP  

5:200%/50FP   6:210%/55FP   7:220%/60FP

Invisible Strike (available at level 5): 50% chance to deal X% damage.

0:250%/40FP   1:260%/45FP   2:270%/50FP   3:280%/55FP   4:290%/60FP  

5:300%/65FP   6:310%/70FP   7:320%/75FP

(Might attack) Blood burn/Daemonicus (available at level 11): Deals X% weapon damage. No FP cost.

0:200%   1:220%   2:240%   3:260%   4:280%   5:300%   6:320%   7:340%

Bite (available at level 9): Deals X% weapon damage and heals for Y% weapon damage.

0:50%/70%/60FP   1:55%/75%/65FP   2:60%/80%/70FP   3:65%/85%/75FP  

4:70%/90%/80FP   5:75%/95%/85FP   6:80%/100%/90FP   7:85%/105%/95FP

Mind Harvest (available at level 11): Regenerate 30%-X% of your maximum FP. No FP cost.

0:50%   1:55%   2:60%   3:65%   4:70%   5:75%   6:80%   7:85%

(Might attack) Drag me to hell/Devils advocate (available at level 13): Increase stats by X%. No FP cost.

0:30%   1:35%   2:40%   3:45%   4:50%   5:55%   6:60%   7:65%

Wound (available at level 15): Deals X% damage and reduces enemy armor by Y.

0:50%/25%/60FP  1:55%/30%/65FP  2:60%/35%/70FP  3:65%/40%/75FP 

4:70%/45%/80FP  5:75%/50%/85FP  6:80%/55%/90FP  7:85%/60%/95FP

Delirium (available at level 17): Deals X% damage with a 35% chance of not costing FP.

0:200%/100FP  1:210%/105FP  2:220%/110FP  3:230%/115FP  4:240%/120FP

5:250%/125FP  6:260%/130FP  7:270%/135FP

(Might attack) Gold Charge/XP Charge (available at level 19) increase gold or xp gains by X%.

(Might attack) Soul Harvest/Feast (available at level 21) restores X% of FP or HP

(UPDATE: Soul Harvest will be altered to be more effective in the coming update)



2.5 Items

In Vampires Fall all of the items listed below will vary from player to player (ie. One player’s Madisto’s weapon may have more damage than another player’s, but lower aggression…etc.). For this reason I cannot accurately give the stats for each item. Below is a complete item list for the game (to the best of my knowledge) sorted by rarity.





Set Common Set Common
Cainiths Weapon The Cutter Cainiths Chest Famous Leather
Madistos Weapon Bone Cutting Axe Madistos Chest Fiend’s Hide
Rimestis Weapon Killing Knuckles Rimestis Chest Erratic Shirt
Darkals Weapon Destroyer of Dreams Darkals Chest Vampire’s Blue Vest
  Crusher of Bodies   Igneous Mail
Legendary Vampires Friend Legendary Perfect Plate Armor
Vampires Wish Damascus Blade Vampire’sBite Vampire’s Red Vest
Moosak Death’s Friend Steel of the Bleeder Vampire’s Black West
Vampires Twin Stonemare Ancient Red Steel Family Armor
Flitcher Butcher’s Choice Armor of Ages Vile Armor
The Knifer Spear of Valor Mooracha De Rigueur
Vampires Touch Distant Killer Teeth Armor Flora Clothe
Cuuta Unstoppable Axe Daydreamers Wish Dark Strom
Revenge of the Sun Unbreakable Katana Devil’s Armor of Blood Demonic Hide
Red Twin Blade Edgy Steel Pole Red Nightmare Forest Spirit
The Ninjata Double Chop Axe Cutter of Dreams Death’s Vest
Deaths Eyes Master Axe Viva Barbarous Robe
Dark Chripa Perfect Hammer Vampire’s Body Classic Blue Vest
Vampires Faith No Mercy Warfield Armor Wooden Arms
Opener Shaman’s staff Armor of the East Red Shoulder Mail
Sword of Old Metal Cleansing Steel Uncle John Toughen Robe
Bodysplice Felxible Cutter Uncle Tom Storm
Echo Sword Fearful Axe Kormonas Steel Black Armor
Age of Wonder Small War Axe Believer of Faith Red Opera Vest
Tre Slicer Pointy Stick Jivas Armor Gold Stitched Vest
Faith Bleeder Warhammer Glowing Hero Armor of Darkness
Vampires Secret Carving Axe Armor of Sir Dark Eagle Armor
Cursed Heart Seeker Long Stabber Secret Keeper Pretentious Vest
  Pike Weapon Dragon Skin Armor(Quest) Black and White
Unique Mighty Axe Unique Formal Vest
Norhpole Small Katana Crusade Armor Saturnine Armor
Tenebrae Big Stone Emperor of the Night Polite Blue Vest
Vampires Tooth Elegant Blade Vest of Devilry Plated Leather Armor
Hammer of Doom Hungry Spear Secret Veil Studded Leather Armor
  Flesh Slicer   Splendid Blue Vest
Rare   Rare  
Royal Spear   Fauna  
Jakka   Slaughterus  
Life Puncture   Red Toro  
Sword of the Sky   Ida’s Armor  
Silent Shout   Dark Fire  
Pole of Darkness   Conqur’s Armor  
Eye Smasher   Brawl Armor  
Priests Gift(Quest)   Shamans Armor(Quest)  



Set Common Set Common
Cainiths Legs Charge Trousers Cainiths Back Dark Blue Capelet
Madistos Legs Combat Breeches Madistos Back Vampire’s Blue
Rimestis Legs Omen Trousers Rimestis Back Musky Mantle
Darkals Legs Unseen Legs Darkals Back Viola
  War Pants   Dark Friend
Legendary Specter Legs Legendary Bloodsucker
Leggings of Quine Malediction Trousers Aigor Mortis Blue Blood
Sacred Legs Lightning Pants Descender The Red Night
Nuind Legs Dark Knight’s Pants Wings of Feaster Blood Cape
Sheitans Legs Massive Trousers Kaartha Nightmare
Trousers of Law Assault Trousers Blade Back Rusher
Altor’s Legs Vivacious Pants Skeleton Sky Knight’s Wish
Shivered Legs Beast Pants Wings of Darkest Dreams Underground Cape
Shining Pants Pants of Wisdom Underground Wings Flunging Mantle
Hexis Monarch’s Trousers Wings of the Reaper Vampire’s Red
Descending Trousers Disgraced Legs Warlords Back Dusk Mantle
Maiden’s Legs Covered Pants Owner Mantle of Bite
Dual Leggings Shaitan Pants White Angel Wings Darf’s Cape
Legs of Neptune Vigorous Legs Photogenic Guy Designed Cape
Leggings of Ildur Brown Pants Death’s Wings Elegant Mantle
Leggings of Roar Sly Legs Barbaric Mantle Freezing Cape
Maker’s Leggings Golden Trousers Crawlers Wings Knight’s Fellow
Pants of To Pointy Knees Dark Warlords Back The Black one
Pants of Claw Iron Trousers Silver Head Blue Cape
Numeric Leggings Adaptable Pants Dark Wind Blood Dawn
Pound Legs Duty Trousers Chopra Mantle Stolen Cape
Pants of Wave Conflict Trousers Worccha Irrational Cape
Wicca Swift Pants Wings of Le Cha  
  Troll Legs    
Unique Skilled Pants Unique  
Nide Enchanters Trousers Wings of Uprising  
Mefistofele Wide Pants Eager Black Wings  
Dark Victory Pants of Reason Wings of Destiny  
Tri-Belted Biting Steel Nyx Wings  
Alchemist Pants      
Rare   Rare  
Winze   Mantle of Chii  
King’s Pants   Weapon Master Cape  
Chinchra   Large Aero Cape  
Hard Steely   Acerbus Cape  
Faust’s Legs   Dragon Skin Cape  
War Leather   Eloquent Cape  
Commander’s Leather   Acid Cape  
First Defense   Purple Mist Cape  



Set Common Set Common
Cainiths Shoes Trick Boots Cainiths Ring Cutters Ring
Madistos Shoes Shadow Boots Madistos Ring Full Live Ring
Rimestis Shoes Bootstrapping Rimestis Ring Bab’s Ring
Darkals Shoes Golden Boots Darkals Ring Daft Ring
  Brutal Boots   Beautiful Ring
Legendary Full Plate Shoes Legendary Impulsive Fight Ring
Rising Dead Boots Inventors Boots Ring of Force Secret Black Ring
Boots of Butterfly Illusionist Boots Aquit Ring Strongest Ring
Yellow Bone Boots Exorcist Boots Ring of Hell Ring of Masterplans
North Kreon Guard Shoes Garned Ring Unseen Ring
Boots of Alliance Barbarous Boots Unforgivern Ring Pointy Finger
Cursed Walk Cavalier Boots Ring of Mass Andel Band
Devil’s Bone Boots Winning Boots Ring of Ruin Lost and Found Ring
Zorgi Perilous Feets Molded Ring Mashers Ring
Skull Shoes Paladin Shoes Liquid Ring Outdoor Band
Dark Bone Boots Marauder Boots Loke’s Ring Fine Water Ring
Knight’s Saviour Leader’s Boots Necrons Ring Sunstone Ring
Fancy Gold Shoes Dreamy Boots Thor’s Ring Band of Sosi
Rising Moon Natural Boots Freja’s Ring  
Dark Bone Blood Iron Shoes War Ring  
Gregorian Protective Shoes Arturs Ring  
Bleeding Foot Sailing Boots Locked Ring  
Boots of Gooth Decorated Shoes Ring of Void  
Shoes of Trust Allegiance Boots Clouded Ring  
White Demon Boots Boggling Boots Ring of Scuro  
Joker’s Foots Champion’s Boots Spelled Ring  
Ragnarok Boots Green Shoes Ring of Mao  
Beelzebub Boots Dark Boots Ring of Heaven  
Ancient Bone Boots(Quest) Orderly Boots    
Unique Bolted Boots Unique  
Aathla Magic Boots Gavious Ring  
Witch Knight’s Boots Training Shoes Nebojs  
Void Boots Red Shoes Roseus Ring  
  Plated Shoes    
Rare Steel Plated Shoed Rare  
Amazon Boots Official Shoes Ring of Strong Heart  
Red Night Boots   Ring of Blue Guards  
Witch Boots   Ring of Last Bid  
Spiked Boots   Moon Ring  
Deep Boots   Ring of Horizon  
Boots of Metal   Hope and Glory Ring  
Angel Boots   Ring Circlet  
Black Ground      
Bash Boots      



Set Common
Cainiths Necklace Caligula Necklace
Madistos Necklace Vof’s Necklace
Rimestis Necklace Dark Night Necklace
Darkals Necklace Finders Necklace
  Illusion Neck
Legendary Killers Necklace
Aquit Necklace Necklace of Family
Neck of Force Necklace of Ten
Arturs Necklace Opti Necklace
Garned Neck Necklace of Silence
Molded Necklace Musicians Necklace
Freja’s Necklace Curry Necklace
Necklace of Heaven Spiders Necklace
Neck of Mao Big Jewelry
Liquid Necklace Thick Black Necklace
Neck of Void Matter Cord
Unforgiven Neck Katy’s Necklace
Locked Necklace Storm Cord
Spelled Necklace Bright Colored Necklace
Loke’s Necklace Hybrid Necklace
Thor’s Necklace Blackest Necklace
Necrons Neck  
War Necklace  
Neck of Mass  
Necklace of Hell  
Clouded Necklace  
Neck of Scuro  
Loco Necklace  
Demon Nights Pendant  
Stnorra Gem  
Emeral Necklace  
Obolis Pendant  
Crying Pendant  
Necklace of Dawn  
Pendant of Broken Ship  
Army’s first Necklace  
Pendant of the Brightside  
Ghost Necklace  
Muiks Pendant  
Choir Pendant  



3 Single Player Walkthrough

3.1 General hints/tips

Throughout the single player game I suggest the following solutions if you run into difficulty:

1- If you don’t know where to go/fight next, check the quest tab of the character menu (accessible via the menu button on the bottom right of the map screen). It will usually have clarifying information.

2- If you are having difficulty with an enemy, remember to use chance to your advantage. Ie. If you only have to win a few fights try using attacks like invisible strike that will yield high damage with a little luck. Remember there is no penalty for losing as long as you don’t retreat.

3- If you can’t beat your enemy, equip or buy better gear. If I have to buy gear, I usually get the grey (common) item with the highest damage or armor (You will waste a lot of gold buying rarer items too early and having to replace them).




3.2 First City (Denumald)
1-Rat Blood: Enemy location-Forest (kill 3 rats) Reward-10 gold
2-Armed to the tooth pt1: Enemy location-Forest (kill 3 moths) Reward-15 gold
3-Armed to the tooth pt2: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill 3 snakes) Reward-30 gold
4-Armed to the tooth pt3: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill mighty cobra) Reward-20 gold/Priests gift
5-Gossip: Enemy location- any (kill gossip girl) Reward-25 gold
6-Making amends: Collect 200 gold and return to priest (N/A) Reward- N/A
7-Riot in the night: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill 10 rioters) Reward-25 gold
8-Riot in the night-last effort: Enemy location-NW/top (kill 4 riot leaders) Reward-30 gold
9-Cold dogs: Enemy location-Tavern (kill 4 dogs) Reward-25 gold
10-Hellish bitch: Enemy location-Forest (kill Hellish bitch) Reward-40 gold
11-The Mansion: Explore the mansion and return to priest
12-Would you do this: Enemy location-Forest (kill 5 treants) Reward-30 gold
13-Chasing shadows: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill 2 shadows) Reward-30 gold
14-Clouded: Enemy location-Forest (kill Stratocumulus) Reward-45 gold
15-Airborne death: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill 5 flying skeletons) Reward-35 gold
16-Daemon: Enemy location- NW/top (kill Daemon) Reward-40 gold
17-Kill the messenger: Enemy location-NW/top (kill blood messenger) Reward-35 gold
18-War against the thieves pt.1: Enemy location-mill/mid (kill 7 blood thieves troopers/archers) Reward-35 gold
19-War against the thieves pt.2: Enemy location-mill/mid (kill 7 blood bouncers) Reward-40 gold
20-War against the thieves pt.3: Enemy location-mill/mid (kill 7 blood champions) Reward-40 gold
21-War against the thieves pt.4: Enemy location-SE/lower right (kill 7 Bloody Jimmy) Reward-40 gold
22-War against the thieves pt.4: Enemy location-Tavern (kill 7 Bloody Frank) Reward-40 gold
23-War against the thieves-last part: Enemy location-any (kill any 11 blood thieves) Reward-45 gold
24-Blood thief Chief: Enemy location-mill/mid (kill Blood thief chief) Reward-120 gold
Moving on: Move to the next town and speak to the witch (move to the next area by using the compass icon/bottom of screen).
25-(OPTIONAL) Clear path to Volanto: turn in to patron at Denumald inn Reward-400 gold.
3.3 Second City (Volanto)
1-Blinded: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid (kill 5 blind grave guards) Reward-40 gold.
2-Scouted: Enemy location-cattle pen/mid right (kill 3 vampire scouts) Reward-45 gold.
3-My favorite trousers: Enemy location-cattle pen/mid right (kill vampire scout w/ red pants) Reward-45 gold.
4-Killing the Varuchta family pt.1 of 5: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid/door I (kill sister) Reward-45 gold.
5-Troll face: Enemy location-mines/top right (kill 9 trolls) Reward-50 gold.
6-Clubbing: Enemy location-mine/top right (kill 3 club trolls) Reward-55 gold.
7-Bigger trolls bigger problems: Enemy location-stones/mid (kill 7 big trolls) Reward-60 gold.
8-Final Troll: Enemy location-cabin/mid left (kill secret lover) Reward-70 gold.
9-Killing the Varuchta family pt.2 of 5: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid/door II (kill young brother) Reward-130 gold.
10-Hellish bitch revisited: Enemy location- Denumald (1st city) forest/lower right (kill hellish bitch) Reward-100 gold.
11-Swarm of the dead: Enemy location-mine/top right (kill 5 dead) Reward-75 gold.
12-Swarm of the dead pt.2: Enemy location-cattle pen/mid right (kill 6 dead) Reward-90 gold.
13-Swarm of the dead pt.3: Enemy location-stones/mid (kill 7 dead) Reward-95 gold.
14-Swarm of the dead pt.4: Enemy location-cabin/mid left (kill 3 ghosts) Reward-100 gold.
15-Killing the Varuchta family pt.3 of 5: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid/door III (kill mom) Rewards-175 gold.
16-Dark steps pt.1:Enemy location-hole/lower left (kill 6 tribe) Reward-100 gold.
17-Dark steps pt.2: Enemy location-stones/mid (kill 5 shamans) Reward-100 gold.
18-Dark steps pt.3:Enemy location-hole/lower left (kill tribe boss) Reward-110 gold.
19-Killing the Varuchta family pt.4 of 5: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid/door IV (kill big brother) Reward-170 gold.
20-Buildning armor: Enemy location-hole/lower left (kill 2 eathworms) Reward-90 gold.
21-Buildning armor: Enemy location-cabin/mid left (kill the adventurer) Reward-90 gold.
22-Buildning armor: Enemy location-mine/top right (kill the stone golem) Reward-90 gold.
23-Buildning armor: Enemy location-stones/mid (kill 3 old treants) Reward-90 gold and Shamans armor.
24-Killing the Varuchta family pt.5 of 5: Enemy location-Hall of many doors/top mid/door V (kill dad) Reward-200 gold.
25- Moving on again: Move to the next town and speak to the priest (move to the next area by using the compass icon/bottom of screen).
26-(OPTIONAL) Clear path to Cryptal: turn in to patron at Volanto inn Reward-800 gold.
3.4 Third City (Cryptal)
1-Old friends- Enemy location-crypt/lower right (scout crypt) Reward-75 gold.
2-Finding the magic armor pt.1: Enemy location-graves/top left (kill helm) Reward-90 gold.
3-Finding the magic armor pt.2: Enemy location-graves/top left (kill boots) Reward-90 gold.
4-Finding the magic armor pt.3: Enemy location-crypt/lower left (kill breastplate) Reward-90 gold.
5-Finding the magic armor pt.4: Enemy location-building/top mid (kill weapon) Reward-90 gold.
6-Finding the magic armor last part: Enemy location-graves/top left (kill gloves) Reward-90 gold.
7- The armor: Enemy location-crypts/lower left (kill the magic armor) Reward-150 gold.
8-The first key: Enemy location-stairs/lower right (kill witch) Reward-150 gold.
9-In the underground: Enemy location-stairs/lower right (kill witch) Reward-150 gold.
10-Deeper underground: Enemy location-stairs/lower right (kill 6 big creatures) Reward-100 gold.
11-Pitch Black: Enemy location stairs/lower right (kill boss creature) Reward-150 gold.
12-Bribing the underground: Raise 2,000 gold and return to the priest.
13-Hellish bitch one last time: Enemy location-(Denumald) Forest/lower left (kill hellish bitch 3) Reward-150 gold.
14-Headless: Enemy location-building/top mid (kill 4 headless) Reward-100 gold.
15-Headlesser: Enemy location-crypt/lower left (kill 4 headlesser) Reward-100 gold.
16-Headlast: Enemy location-building/top mid (kill 4 headleast) Reward- 110 gold.
17-Second keyguard: Enemy location-family graves/lower mid (kill second keyguard) Reward-160 gold.
18-Skeletons: Enemy location-graves/top left (kill 7 skeletons) Reward-120 gold.
19-Noble bone: Enemy location-family graves/lower mid (kill 4 skeleton knights) Reward-130 gold.
20-Skeletons: Enemy location-stairs/lower left (kill 4 devil skeletons) Reward-130 gold.
21-Bad to the bone: Enemy location-all of Cryptal (kill 10 skeletons) Reward-130 gold.
22-Tired of skeletons: Enemy locations-family graves/lower mid (kill skeleton leader) Reward-150 gold.
23-Third keyguard: Enemy location-crypt/lower left (kill third keyguard) Reward-175 gold.
24-Draculius: Enemy location-castle/mid right (kill draculius) Reward-0 gold.
25-The priest: Enemy location-graves/top mid (kill priest) Reward- Single player completion.
Don’t forget to check out the Paths of Darkness and Multiplayer!!!!
26-(OPTIONAL) Defeat the Emerald Dragon in the cave between Denumald and Volanto.
Then return to the patron in the Denumald inn. Reward-Dragon Skin Armor.
27-(OPTIONAL) Defeat the Ancient Makite in the cave between Volanto and Cryptal.
Then return to the patron in the Volanto inn. Reward- Ancient Bone Boots.







4 Halls of the Dead (HOTD)

4.1 When and Why to Enter HOTD?
When- I recommend starting HOTD once you have acquired all high level legendary (blue) equipment. This will likely not be until after completion of the single player quests.
Why- Completing the Brother’s item sets is (in my opinion) the fastest and most crucial factor in advancing the strength of your character after completion of the single player game. These items increase the damage you deal and decrease the damage you receive more than any other items that are available in the game (besides the Cainith set which is also found in the halls). Additionally, Madisto’s set increases the rate at which you can gain gold/stat points. In short, these items are practically a necessity for continued character progression.
4.2 Progression and Saving
As you descend through HOTD, enemy difficulty increases slightly at each depth. Enemies will continually gain armor, damage, and HP (+10hp per depth increase) at a constant rate. Additionally, Xp gains continually increase (+18xp per depth increase). However, being defeated in battle results in you restarting at depth 1. Luckily your game will save automatically each time you move to the next depth to prevent unnecessary loss in progress due to technical issues. You may also exit HOTD at any time. Your progress will automatically save when you exit. When you re-enter HOTD to resume your descent the game will ask if you wish to continue. Selecting yes will put you back at your last depth, selecting no will result in restarting at depth 1
(HINT/TRICK: If you accidently select no, do not enter the halls. Stop immediately and force close Vampires Fall by holding the “home” button on your device. When you restart the game you should be able to re-enter HOTD and select yes/resume previous depth.)
4.3 Enemies (courtesy of Aussieguyx)
HOTD (Halls of the Dead) consists of nine (9) repeating rooms/depths which average 3.333 enemies per level. This 9 level cycle creates a slight variation in the number of fights per 10 depths with a minimum of 30 fights and maximum of 35.

Enemy Special Abilities:
Heal: Restores HP back to full. Used once per fight, when hp drops below ~55%
Weaken: Reduces your weapon damage by 20-35%. Always used first (unless they have weaken and heal, and your first hit drops them below ~55%)

Monster Name: Special Abilities
(Enemies are listed in order top-left to bottom-right)

Demonwing: N/A
Dra ven: Heal
Hall Guardian: N/A
Dark Cat: N/A
Dark Cloud: N/A
Prisoner: N/A
Sword Master: N/A
Assassino: N/A
Assassina: N/A
Shadow Knight: N/A
Chill Vampire: N/A
Green Blob: Weaken
Garlic Wizard: Weaken + Heal
Grunth: Weaken
Shadow Troll: Weaken
Ursula the Pale: Heal
Skeleton Warlock: Weaken
Demon Biter: N/A
Executor: N/A
Grool: Heal
Devil’s Tumour: N/A
Stealer of Souls: Heal
Berfulg: N/A
Bone Bat: Heal
Burning Skeleton: N/A
Burning Skulls: N/A
Hellish Bitch: N/A
Krampus: Heal
The Jig: Heal + Weaken
Flying Devil: Heal


4.4 Suggested Tactics for Beginners
Levels 1-30: The initial levels/depths should not be challenging and require no further explanation. Use Strike.
Suggested skill use: Strike (Might attack: Xp charge/Gold charge)

Levels 30-60: Continue as before but use Delirium instead of Strike. Also, try to familiarize yourself with the enemies and their tactics if they don’t die on the 1st hit (you will see them many times).
Suggested skill use: Delirium, Strike (Might attack: Xp charge/Gold charge)

Levels 60-100: Once enemies start becoming more difficult, utilize the Wound skill as needed (Wound stacks an unlimited amount of times in HOTD and will always increase the damage of attacks). At this difficulty you may begin to use Xp pots. However, unless you are a veteran I recommend saving the gold for stat points or pots to maximize depth/set piece drop.
Suggested skill use: Wound, Delirium, Strike (Might attack: Xp charge/Gold charge)

(Important note- Wound increases the damage your enemy receives but does not increase the healing you receive from the Bite skill. However, Devil’s pact does increase the healing you receive from Bite if you have not already capped your aggression.)

Levels 100+: At this point enemies should be able to deplete an alarmingly large portion of your HP. I suggest never taking unnecessary risks while in the halls. Keep it slow and steady. Incorporate Devil’s pact (if your aggression is not maxed this will increase healing from Bite) and Bite to maintain an acceptable level of HP. Fights will take longer, but you will achieve greater results in the end. You may also find it necessary to buff yourself with additional potions at this time. I suggest only using “Lasting Pain” and “Enhanced Block” until you have completed Madisto’s set. The more expensive pots will use more gold than you can easily replenish.
Suggested skill use: Devil’s pact, Wound, Bite, Delirium, Strike (Might attack: Xp charge/Gold charge, Soul harvest/Feast, Daemonicus/Blood Burn)

Levels 100++: Now your HP is still a continual issue, but in addition you are running out of the focus points needed to keep yourself alive with Bite. Remember to plan ahead. Use Mind Harvest before you find yourself in a position of low HP and no focus. Play it safe and only go for the kill when you feel you can do so safely. You will definitely need to use Lasting Pain and Enhanced Block potions.
Suggested skill use: Devil’s pact, Wound, Bite, Mind Harvest, Delirium, Strike (Might attack: Xp charge/Gold charge, Soul harvest/Feast, Daemonicus/Blood Burn)

Dying Time: All good things must come to an end. Hang on as long as you can, but don’t get discouraged when the inevitable death occurs. I have found that it is often faster to die and quickly grind back to depth 100, than to fight increasingly long and difficult battles. Go to your mansion and buy yourself some stat points before you give it another go. (Don’t forget to use up any remaining pots at the castle before starting over at depth 1).

Continue this process until you have completed the set or sets that you wish.
4.5 Rewards
In addition to being on the HOTD leader boards, the items for the 3 brother’s sets have a chance to drop starting with the first fight of depth 100. These items seem to vary in stats slightly from player (This thread by Aussieguyx includes his set stats and can provide an idea of what stats to expect…?tid=233). However, any set item will be an improvement over legendary (blue) items. Besides stats, each set carries an extra bonus when all set pieces are equipped. The set bonuses are as follows:

Cainith- unknown/undiscovered.
Darkal- increased item drop chance.
Madisto- Increased gold drop.
Rimesti- Increased might attack chance.


5 Multiplayer

5.1 Basics
Gatherings: Gatherings are preset times throughout each day when players congregate for multiplayer battles. The time until the next gathering is always displayed in the multiplayer lobby. Also you can set your phone to provide a sound or vibration notification for gatherings in game options.
Challenges and wins: When logged in to multiplayer you may be challenged by any other player who is in the multiplayer lobby. Also, you may challenge any other player in the lobby. Challenges can then be accepted or declined by the challenged player. Winning a challenge will result in a win which will be added to your player profile. However, losing has no negative impact and results in no loss being recorded. If a connection issue occurs, both players will receive a message stating the other player gave up and both players will receive a win.
Wound: Unlike HOTD where players may stack Wound as many times as desired, in multiplayer Wound’s armor lowering effect only works once with full effect (60% armor reduction when fully upgraded). An additional wound may be used but with less effect (usually around 10% armor reduction). Additional wounds will not further reduce player armor.
Dodges and Might Attacks: Fighting players can be very different than fighting single player/HOTD enemies. Players have a chance to dodge attacks. Also players both have access to random might attacks. Be prepared for your enemy to get lucky.
Potions: Potions can greatly increase combat effectiveness. However, only potions that state “works in Multiplayer” in the description will have an effect in this game mode.
5.2 Etiquette
I don’t think I have witnessed any issues regarding player conduct in multiplayer, but here are a few things I think are worth mentioning:

Challenge spam- If someone is repeatedly declining a challenge from you, then don’t continually challenge them. Give them a break and try another player.
Hasty accusations- If someone of lower level or stats is regularly beating you, don’t make hasty accusations of cheats or hacking. Ask how they are doing it if you are curious (it is probably potions or lucky dodges/might attacks).
Share the first hit- If you are repeatedly fighting close matches against the same person, try to alternate who sends the challenge. The challenger always gets the first hit and its nice to share.
Be a gracious player- Win or lose, congratulate the victors or thank the losers. By cultivating a friendly and enjoyable multiplayer environment, you can help the multiplayer community grow.
5.3 Rewards
Currently there are few tangible multiplayer rewards in game. Your wins will be recorded and you can track your progress on the leader boards. However, multiplayer gatherings provide a great place to participate in the gaming community and see how other peoples characters are progressing. I highly recommend that every player participate in gatherings when they can.


6 Gold Grinding Guide

6.1 Prerequisites
Before you start trying to grind gold I strongly recommend you finish the single player game and complete Madisto’s set (information on acquiring Madisto’s set can be found in section 4 of this guide). If you start grinding gold before then for any other purpose besides purchasing legendary/blue items (needed for HOTD progression) you are using your time inefficiently.
6.2 Active Grinding
When I am actively grinding I fight exclusively at the castle in the third city. Madisto’s set should be equipped and extra gold/extra extra gold pots should be active at all times, and Aggression should be maxed out (if this requires reallocating stat points I recommend you do).
(Hint/Tip: When you defeat an opponent and the victory screen pops up it is not necessary to press the continue button on the bottom left of the screen. Double tapping anywhere on the screen will end the gold/xp countdown and return you to the map screen.)
From the third city map screen:
1-Tap the castle
2-While the battle is loading start tapping where the strike button will appear.
3-If the enemy doesn’t die on the 1st hit keep tapping strike. If a might attack pops use xp charge/gold charge and then back to strike.
4-When the enemy dies start tapping where the castle will appear.
Using this method I average about 10 fights/8k gold a minute, which usually ends up being around 450k an hour.
6.3 Passive Grinding
I will be the first to admit grinding gold can be boring. Additionally, most of us don’t have hours to set aside for gold grinding. Passively grinding can alleviate some of this. When passively grinding I fight exclusively at the bottom graveyard in the third city (in single player I think its called something like the royal or kings graves). Madisto’s set should be equipped and extra gold/extra extra gold pots should be active at all times, and Aggression should be maxed out (if this requires reallocating stat points I recommend you do).
From the third city map screen:
There is a sweet spot at the top of where the strike button will be (as close to bite as you can get without pressing it). By tapping this spot repeatedly you will continually start the graveyard fight, strike (occasionally bite or might attack), exit the victory screen, and start the next fight. Using this method yields much slower gold than active grinding, but you can grind with minimal attention while watching tv, surfing the web, doing paper work, or 1 handed typing up a game guide.


if you enjoy the game or the guide, please take a moment to rate Vampires Fall at:

Happy Hunting.


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