Vampire's Fall website is down.

Vampire's Fall launched early 2012 and we've had a blast developing it. Since it's just two indie devs, we cannot maintain the project forever. We've had to cut out the mutliplayer features and in-game chat. Most recently, the website and forum was hacked so we had to remove that too.

The single-player parts of the game are still playable.

If you're a player reading this, I want to thank you. Thanks for playing the game, thanks for talking about it, thanks for participating in development of the game. There's so many players that individually helped us out more than we could ever expect. Just to name some of you: RonsxD, Daath, Soulsteeler, Katrina.

We hope to one day have time and opportunity to make Vampire's Fall 2 - the game we tried to make here but were limited by skills and knowledge.

Take care!

/E & K