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Posted on 15th August 2013 in Uncategorized

It has come to our attention that there are many questions regarding Vampire’s Fall and the future of VF. ”Why are you making a new game when there are things to fix in Vampire’s Fall?” is a question we’re getting often lately.

We started making Vampire’s Fall 2.5 years ago. Me and Emir were in school and we put down enormously amount of time into the project. Despite the time we put into the game nothing could have prepared us for the response. It was absolutely amazing to see the enthusiasm from all you vampires. You created the Vampire’s Fall community: a chat that is vibrating with life and a great online forum. This motivated us to put even more time into the game and expand it. (HOTD, Set-Items, Redemtion etc.)

This year we both finish school and we had a choice: Find “regular” work and give up Vampire’s Fall, or try to make game development our life. We choose the latter and started Early Morning Studio. Vampire’s Fall has never been about making as much money as possible, and it never will be, thus it is in no way possible to live off Vampire’s Fall. Not even near. That’s why if we are to continue with game development we have to make new games instead of putting all our time into VF.

Vampire’s Fall will of course live on. If we would succeed in making game development our life we open up to a lot of possibilities. Vampire’s Fall 2 – without bugs, better graphic and more things to do – for example.

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Krime Media goes Early Morning Studio

Posted on 23rd July 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey guys,

The makers of Vampire’s Fall, Krime Media, is now changing name to Early Morning Studio. The new website will be regularly updated with the latest news on all our games, including Vampire’s Fall.

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Additional expansion content

Posted on 24th March 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s now official: The expansion will include an item-enhancement feature. Special items called Bloodstones must be found in order to upgrade equipment. Each peace of equipment can be upgraded 10 times. Thanks to all players involved in the forum for all the great suggestions!

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Official Game Trailer

Posted on 29th January 2013 in Uncategorized

The official game trailer for Vampire’s Fall is finally complete! Huge thanks to Jonathan Lindgren for making it!

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New expansion is coming!

Posted on 30th December 2012 in Announcements, News

Me and Kristian have had a long discussion about the future of Vampire’s Fall. We’ve decided to create a big expansion. It’s not an update – so it’ll be listed as a separate game on Google Play(something like “Vampire’s Fall: Dark Dungeons”). Once you purchase that update, it’ll serve as a licence so you can access expansion content from the Vampire’s Fall original game.

We’ve calculated on how long time it’ll take to make the expansion and it’s going to take quite a while. Since both me and Kristian have to turn down paid work to have time for this, we can’t give out the expansion for free. It will cost about $3 to purchase the expansion.

-Continued storyline.
-Two new cities.
-50 new quests.
-100 new items.
-”Rarespawns” – Really hard bosses that rarely show up.

We’ll also release a free update that will contain graphic improvements and a new chat system. The chat system was supposed to be released this year, but due to technical problems we’ll wait and release it the same time as the expansion.

The expansion and the update has a preliminary release date: 15th of March.

I hope you guys are looking forward to this expansion as much as we do.


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Well over 100.000 downloads!

Posted on 17th December 2012 in Uncategorized

We reached 100k downloads a couple of days ago but I haven’t had time to post it here. It’s over 120k now actually, very fun to see. /Emir

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50 000 downloads!

Posted on 8th October 2012 in Uncategorized

Today at 14.00 GTM+2, we’ve finally hit 50k downloads. Hopefully this will boost downloads even further since we’re now categorized in the 50 000 – 100 000 interval. Thanks to everyone that’s helping us and special thanks to RonsxD, Daath and AlexD.

See you at 100 000 ;)

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New update is out!

Posted on 5th October 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we released a small update. Notes:

  • Cheating prevention
  • Redeem code for gold function in settings.
  • Save button added in the city view.
  • Set item drop probability now gradually increases in Halls of the Dead.
  • Several layout optimizations for tablets.

About the hacker prevention: It might take a few weeks until the full effect is seen.

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Downloads are increasing

Posted on 8th September 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share some numbers with you. When we released Vampire’s Fall in late December 2011, we had approximately 70 dpd(downloads per day). It then slowly rose to 150 in May. But then, for no appearent reason at all, it jumped up to 300 dpd in June. The past week, we’ve had 500 downloads per day.

Needless to say, me and Kristian are completely thrilled about this. But what does this mean to the average vamp?

  • More multiplayer activity(we might increase the number of gatherings per day)
  • Larger community – more fellow vamps to chat with
  • More discussions on the forum here at

And also, me and Kristian have discussed the possibility of an expansion once the number of downloads reaches a specific number.

Some of our players have been actively promoting Vampire’s Fall on Facebo0k and other social medias and I don’t doubt the significance of that. Huge thanks to you guys!

/Emir – programmer of Vampire’s Fall

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Update is out!

Posted on 21st August 2012 in Uncategorized

We just released the update so it should be avaliable for download within an hour or so. Here’s the release notes:

Storage permission is now required because games will be saved on SD-card.

1. New category of items: ‘Set Items’. Can only be found at depths 100+ in Halls of the Dead.
2. Lore outside Halls of the Dead.
3. Bar outside Halls of the Dead.
4. Chat function in both singleplayer and Paths of Darkness.
5. Improved the Community section.
6. Improved game saving mechanism. Players can move saved files between SD-Card and phone.
7. Players can now delete profiles.
9. Bug fixes.

Tell us what you think later =)

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